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Robert Nowicki

Creative artist, painter with a natural talent.


“Paint is magical world and the time does not exist. You feel free when you paint.”

About me: I was born an artist in 1984 in Swiebodzin, Poland.  I am a self taught painter with a natural talent. I draw on life experiences and inspirations as subject matters for my art, paint what I see and feel. I use acrylics, oils and drawing in my work.

My art: I owe my art and creative self expression to the process of coming to know my self, my soul. My art is who I am. I use many styles for my artwork.

About Me

Name: Robert Nowicki

Age: 32

Location: London, United Kingdom

I like to paint in peace to hear what is unheard, to see what is unseen. A never ending cycle of paintings with many titles, they touch our conscience, the truth about our selves, sometimes subtly, sometimes forcefully.


Mary Ward House:  June 2007

Kirkdale Bookshop: August 2008

Kirkdale Bookshop: December 2008

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London, United Kingdom

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